Why Center IPA.


80+ hospitals in SoCal

You have unrestricted access to all hospitals that are contracted with each health plan.


A network of over 2,000+
healthcare providers in California

Our network consists of over 2,000 primary care physicians and specialists across the entire state of California. We have established contracts and collaborations with numerous prestigious medical institutions to ensure the responsibility of your senior healthcare needs.


A primary care clinic under
direct management is now open

The Center Medical Clinic, the first directly managed primary care clinic to open in Fullerton, is dedicated to addressing the issues of inadequate healthcare practices that have become prevalent in the healthcare ecosystem. To prevent any instances of missed diagnoses, we strive to provide thorough examinations of at least 30 minutes for each patient, ensuring meticulous care for their hidden illnesses.

Committed to ensuring
senior health and well-being.
We are here to be your
reliable companion.

Center IPA Medical Group aims to achieve patient-centered medical services and takes responsibility for the health of older adults. As a medical group, we strive for continuous growth and development. By choosing to be with us, you can always experience a sense of reassurance and trust in our healthcare services.

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Every year, Center IPA offers enhanced health insurance plans
with the right benefits that are unique to our members,
ensuring their well-being and peace of mind.

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Center IPA stands ready to empower you
in shaping your senior life with endless possibilities.

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